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How to start an escape room business


Part game, part team-building exercise, escape rooms are taking off around the world. The number of permanent rooms world-wide has gone from zero at the outset of 2010 to at least 2,800 today, and the growth seems to be explosive... Read More »

How to start a dance school

scuola di ballo

With the popularity of TV programmes and movies, demand for dancing lessons is on the rise and it creates an opportunity for quick-footed entrepreneurs... Read More »

How to open a yoga studio


The number of yoga practitioners in the United States is reaching the neighborhood of 15 million. Why? Yoga is an ancient Hindu philosophical practice that combines body movement and fixed postures with meditation, spiritual, and holistic exercises... Read More »

How to start a bar(club)


Owning your own bar/club sounds like the perfect life to many potential entrepreneurs, but it's not always fun and games behind the scenes. It can mean long hours, meticulous attention to detail, giving up vacations and weekends, and sometimes dealing with unruly customers. But it can also translate into a rewarding and financially successful enterprise... Read More »

How to start a bed and breakfast business


What is a bed and breakfast? It's a sort of hybrid between a luxury hotel and a private home, a small establishment with 4 to 10 guest rooms instead of the 50 to 100 or more found at most hotels... Read More »

How to open a paintball venue


Paintball is a popular sport born in US during the 80's. The players are organized in teams and they compete to eliminate the opponents by using water-soluble dye propelled by an air gun... Read More »

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