How to open a paintball venue


Paintball is a popular sport born in US during the 80’s. The players are organized in teams and they compete to eliminate the opponents by using water-soluble dye propelled by an air gun. The game is usually played outdoor (or indoor where the field is scattered with natural or artificial terrain) where the participants can easily find places to hide and lie in wait.
This is a business that is easy to run but with caution. It is very important to provide players with protective clothing and low powered weapons, being very careful about every single detail concerning safety.
To start, a field of about 1.000 m² is needed and, to attract more people, it should be conveniently located and equipped with an efficient lighting system. In this way, the field could also be used in the evening, for team building activities, birthday and bachelor parties. You have to invest around 26,000-50,000 $ for playing materials, full equipment (at least for 15 players), balls (about 20 $/box), inflatables, poles, nets and a small space to be used as front desk.
Overhead is very high. You should consider not only field rent (approximately 700 $ per month, it depends on location) and related costs like water and light but also advertising (a website is necessary), bureaucratic costs and insurance. However, capital recovery often occurs in the first year of business.
Suppose that one player spends 40 $ on average. If you have two teams of at least 5 people each, you can earn about 650 $ every game. This means around 19,000-25,000 $ per month, not to mention profits coming from snacks and beverage sales if you decide to open a snack bar in the same area. At the end, net earnings amount to 70-80% of sales revenues.


Description Cost
Field and equipment 26.000 $
Website 500 $
Total 26.500 $


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