How to become a web developer

There are almost 18.2 million software developers worldwide and the number is expected to raise to 26.4 million by 2019. The salaries are interesting, so it’s good if you wish to become a web developer. But how good? Well, it depends.
The type of developer you are can make a difference. With the ever-changing technology landscape, the constant talent wars waging on in major startup hubs, it’s difficult not find a work. You have only study C# and PHP. C# is a Microsoft language for creating applications on Microsoft platform, used by sites like XBOX and Comcast, while PHP is a backend technology used to create dynamic websites, like Tumblr or Wikipedia. The expected salary? The best developers can earn less than $90,000, which is still more than double the USA income average of $44,888. However, it’s only the start.
If you would become an expert of Ruby, C and Python, your opportunities would multiply. What are these? Ruby is a open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity; has an elegant syntax that’s natural to read and easy to write. C is often used for system programming, including implementing operating systems and embedded system applications, while Python is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. A site that use it? Google for example or Youtube. Developers versed in these programming languages are on the higher part of the wage spectrum, with an average salary of $109,000.
But it’s just not the type of developer you are that can make a difference but where you are located.
Whether you are considering becoming a web developer, you probably want to know where developers are and where they expect to be more paid. San Jose, San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Madison, Atlanta, San Antonio, Raleigh, Phoenix, and Nashville are the most popular 10 cities for tech workers (according to Forbes).

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