How to start a business in Singapore

If you want to start a business, Singapore is the right place for you. It was elected the first country to do business by Doing Business.
Every year thousands of foreigners decide to move here. The reasons? A diversified economy, based on logistic, electronic and biomedical industry. Not only. In this country people are available, open and tollerant. Technology is a must and you can pay everything by credit card, so that everyone owns at least three. Also everything is efficient, like the Health Service or the public transport, sure and reliable, due to the state contributions whose purpose is to limit traffic.
With these assumptions, it should be clear why there are so many opportunities. If you want to invest here, financial, building and consulting services are suggested. Instead you should avoid the restaurant industry. There are too restaurants, expecially italian restaurants.
Do you want to start a business? It takes only few operations, just a few clicks. The cost? About $ 700. The taxation? Lower than 14%. And if you have a turnover which doesn’t reach $ 200,000, you will have a lot of facilities.
Sure, like all countries, even Singapore has its weaknesses and downsides: the stratospheric cost of real estate, the limited freedom of the press and the policy control, whose aim is to avoid abnormal situations. For example you can’t stay in a street, talking with more than four people.
Fines and penalties can arrive suddenly, breaking just one of the many prohibitions applied in the country: as the prohibition to arrive here with more than 20 cigarettes, or the prohibition to cross the roads out of the strips, or even throw a cigarette butt to the ground. All things that can make us smile but are taken very seriously in the country.

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