How you can profit from 3d printing


3d printer is a new opportunity. Layer by layer, using this instrument, you can create new shapes, an almost infinite amount of shapes, without the constraints of traditional manufacturing. The possibilities seem endless, and also overwhelming. Where should you start? What tools do you need to learn? How can you earn?
Buy your 3d printer. It’s the first step. You can find good 3d printers spending also $ 300-400. There are a lot of specialised sites that offer models with different performances and prices. You have only choose: select a printer that has the right balance of cost, output quality, versatility, and ease of use.
Have you already bought a 3d printer? Then you are ready to use it. There are three tried and tested ways that you can make money with 3D printing.
Create and sell designs.
This is the most affordable and easiest way to get started. It’s essentially like creating a smartphone app and selling it for royalties. Start by learning from free CAD tools like Trimble Sketchup or TinkerCAD. Most beginners are surprised by how easily they can whip up a complex looking design after a few tutorials. If you need inspiration you can visit this site: Here you will find a lot of designs. Once your design is complete in CAD, make sure it’s 3D printable and correct errors you inadvertently created using tools like netfabb or Solid Inspector, then sell your design on sites like CG Trader or Shapeways.
Offer a 3D printing service.
Once you are confident in your expertise you can enter the fray by offering your services as part of one of the emerging 3D printing networks. These are turnkey solutions with support for invoicing and shipping that allow you to list your printer and accept orders from people with designs they want printed. Currently, the largest such network is 3D Hubs.
Come up with a novel online product/service that leverages 3D printing.
Here, you are making an online business where you sell a product revolutionized by 3D printing or some other related service. The key to coming up with a valuable service comes back to the freedoms inherent to 3D printing. For instance, the ability to easily modify designs lends to automated customization of products. Once you have crafted a service, develop your website. If your website takes off, you will want professional grade equipment costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. While you are building up to that, you can start out by partnering with an existing 3D printing service provider.

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