How to start a backyard bamboo business


Bamboo’s demand is continuing to grow. More than half the population uses bamboo in one way or another, so the request for healthy, quality bamboo has been increasing, and there’s no downturn in sight.
Some people use it to make furniture in decor, some use it in construction to make scaffolding and armor and others simply adore it sprouts, which turn into pots of cream. This incredible plant is also the fastest-growing plant. A bamboo plant once grew 47.6 inches in 24 hours!
Starting your own backyard bamboo business is quite easy. You have only to find the right area and remember a simple rule: if temperatures often go below zero F. in the winter, that it’s not a place where to plant bamboo. The area can be a little space, you don’t need a large land, but it’s important to build a fence to protect the plants.
The cost for a plant is about $20. Assuming to have a hectare of arable land, with a sale price of $ 12 per barrel of at least 3 m in height, it is expected annual sales of about $ 96,000. Considering the cost of watering, care, treatment and cutting (the stems should be treated with boron and aged for a year) that can be estimated in a neighborhood of $ 20,000, it means that the potential gain will be about $ 76,000. Not bad.
When you’re ready to sell your plants, you have many options. You can sell them directly to the public from your backyard nursery. In this way, you get paid immediately, and can get to know your customers. Another solution is selling through the mail. You could put together a flyer, catalog or web site that showcases just what you have to offer. If you specialize in the more exotic varieties, collectors will buy via mail. You could also sell directly to landscapers and garden centers or sell bamboo products. Making and selling bamboo products is your chance to get creative, and make good money at the same time.

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