How to Start a Vending Machine Business


The vending business can be a great opportunity for individuals. It doesn’t require big investments and it takes only one-two hours every day. Furthermore you can sell everything you want (drinks, candy, chew-gum, etc) even without a long experience.
Is the business that you were looking for? You have only to follow some simple steps.
Step 1: choose the machine
Decide what type of vending machines you want. Choose bulk vending machines if you want to pay less than $200 per machine and have fewer mechanical issues. Contact large wholesalers in your area and ask if they sell vending machines. Then select the vending machine dealer that provides you with the lowest unit price for the machines you want. You can think to start this business with a low investment such as $10,000.
Step 2: study the product
When you have your vending machines, it’s the time to undertstand what sell. Study your customers and their habits. Define your target and find your niche.
Step 3: location
Locate your machines in businesses that draw lots of customers, such as car dealerships, auto repair shops, beauty salons and hospital waiting areas, ore place machines in large office complexes if they currently have no vending machines. It’s important to select a high traffic area.
Step 4: control
Visit your locations once or twice per week as needed. Repair your machines whenever necessary or hire someone to repair them. Learn over time to make your own repairs, because it will save you money.


Description Cost
Vending machines 10.000 $
Total 10.000 $


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