How to sell online


If you’re ready to be in charge of your own destiny, but don’t have the capital to buy a franchise or open up a storefront, consider starting an online business. It can be a good opportunity but there are a lot of things you have to consider to guarantee your success.
First you need to avoid selling only on your website, because too limiting. Instead, you must explore all the possibilities that online offers, selecting no more than three marketplaces among generalists (like Amazon) and specialized. In the choice, since each platform follows different rules, it is important to valuate costs and commissions. Each marketplace must be followed, edited and brought up in such a way that does not cannibalize sales each other. For example, if you choose eBay does not make sense to choose Amazon.
The showcase on the Web should be created with care and changed often, as if you had a shop on the street. You have to propose different things each week, it serves to attract new users and to create in them the expectation of finding something different. It’s fundamental to insert at least one bestseller product, which let you to sell also products with low prices, as small accessories. This serves for increasing the average receipt, which must not drop below the $ 30.
The products should be photographed in a professional way, in all variants, showing every detail. Photos should be clean, with a white background and with a good resolution which allows the zoom. Likewise the description must be precise and rich in detail, even more so if you want to sell abroad. The Germans, for example, give utmost importance. Clearly in this case it will be necessary that the description is also translated in their language, because like the French, hardly buy products that do not have a description translated.
The calendar is another focal point. Web calendar is anticipated, because you have to consider delivery times. Do you want to do a promotion for Valentine’s Day? You must be online at the beginning of January. Do you wish to do a promotion for Christmas? You must be online already at the end of October. This implies a perfect organization of the activity, from the warehouse to the logistics, to the management of shipments. The choice of the shipper is crucial for this kind of business. It must be reliable, fast and suitable to the product which you want to sell, otherwise you’ll risk the credibility of the business and especially its reputation.
Investments. How much you have to invest to sell online? Experts agree that the minimum investment is € 20,000, amount required to open the site and bring traffic through the typical digital marketing strategies: Google AdWords, Dem (Direct Mail Marketing) built on specific databases, advertising on Facebook, etc. If you haven’t the time or you are not able to follow these activities, it is preferable to rely on an agency. Open an online store is as open on the road: we must bring people.


Description Cost
Site and Advertising 20.000 $
Total 20.000 $


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