How to start a mobile pizza business


You need only somebody who can make a good pizza, an oven and a vehicle. That’s all it takes to start a mobile pizza business: a profitable business, with relatively low investment and that it’s growing anywhere.
The starting point, as always, is the product: the pizza, the good pizza, according the Neapolitan recipe. The secret is all in the dough. To have a satisfactory result you have to use 00 flour, cold water, salt and yeast in small doses. The dough must then be left to rise at room temperature, which never makes anyone.
Once you perfected the recipe you can think to the next step. To obtain a good oven, a wood oven or a gas oven, is simple. It is more difficult to find someone who knows how to install it. Generally, however, it’s not an impossible task to find an expert in the installation of furnaces on vehicles. It’s only an expensive task. The cost of the operation is around $15,000.
Selected the oven, you can choose the vehicle. The possible solutions are different, also depending on the budget available. The most popular in this period is to equip an Ape Piaggio. The vehicle is well suited to the sale on the road. It has an attractive design and can be customized. It also requires an investment quite low, around $20,000. Alternatively, you can buy a van. Here the investment is approximately $30 000, but you have to add the possible cost of a mixer, a fridge and a scale.
That’s all? Yes, that’s all. The last thing to think about is the choice of location, the variation of which will also change the bureaucracy. But what’s the best location? Now the experts suggest  London as the favorite destination for this kind of activity. The city is founded on the street food.
If you want to start this business in London, you have to register yourself as self-employed person or company, ask the Food Business License in the Council where you want to work, and get the Food Hygiene Rating, a kind of health license, and the appropriate insurance civil liability.


If you decide to start your business in London:

  • Food Business License
  • Food Hygiene Rating
  • Insurance


Description Cost
Vehicle 20.000 $
Oven  20.000 $
Equipment 5.000 $
Total 45.000 $


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