How to improve your contents


If you have an online business or a blog, you should know that the traffic is the only thing that means. Developing traffic is a hard work; you have to develop good contents, spending creativity and time, but there are useful instruments that can help you.
In order to measure and track you results, you have to gather information about how many page views you are getting overall, where your traffic is coming from and what keywords are generating this traffic. To obtain this information there are three tools: Google Analytics, StatCounter and CrazyEgg. The first is the most famous and provides comprehensive metrics on your website; the second offers the possibility to monitor your blog activity in real time, while the third provides a representation of your web site data in a simple format. Clearly, there are also other tools, for example Site Meter or Market Samurai, useful and powerful.
Another problem is to work with attractive images. Blog posts accompanied by attractive images are more successful than others. The right image helps keep people reading your post. You could think to copy images that you like from the Internet without permission. Bad idea. The owner of the image could bring legal action against you for copyright infringement. Instead, you could take your own pictures with a digital camera and use free software to edit your images before publishing them on your blog. An example? Pixlr or GIMP. Another solution could be iStockPhoto. It is a place where you can pay for the license to use a photo on your blog.
Final there is the social media promotion. Using social media is an important part of the content development process. You could need a management tool to help you stay on top of social media for your blog or small business. There are three software that we suggest you: Cyfe, a full business analytics tool that integrates social media management functions, SproutSocial, a package with the ability to monitor brand keywords and Hootsuite, which let you to monitor activity and schedule posts with ease.

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