How to start a fish & chips shop


There are few things more tempting than fish and chips, which are on the throne of Britain’s favourite takeaway. The number of shops is increasing every day and the demand doesn’t seem to drop. So, it’s absolutely an interesting business, but given the competition in today’s market, if you want to open your shop you need to know everything about this market.
You should look at what your competitors are doing in terms of products. Look at what they do well and learn from that. The market is wide but more selective than in the past and people are aware of what they consume. Quality should be always your first aim.
As any other business, there are rules dictating the location of a fish and chip shop. A residential area is best because you get the repeat domestic and factory business. Instead, if you have a city centre location, you’ll get some lunchtime trade but then not much until the pub and club trade late evening.
An online presence is important in the digital age, with social media offering a free way to promote your business. It’s also a good idea to place leaflets in local tourist information or guesthouses if you are situated in a tourist area. Don’t forget local good food guides!
Rules and regulations
In the U.K. there are no specific rules and regulations relating to fish and chips but there’s a raft of health and safety legislation which governs all premises on which food is prepared. Experts suggest rather than waiting for the environmental health inspectors to arrive, invite them in to inspect the premises before you start kitting it out. It can help you to avoid problems.
The investments will depend on location and size and whether you have a seating or restaurant area. For a small shop of 40 square meters, probably you will spend at least $ 75,000. You’ll need $ 35,000 only for the fryer, but you have to include also the cost for the furniture, toilet facilities and to hire additional staff.


Description Cost
Fryer 35.000 $
Furniture 20.000 $
Other 20.000 $
Total 75.000 $


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