How to open a pasta factory


The fresh pasta business has been in constant growth in recent years, due to the increasing attention towards a healthy nutrition and the research for traditional and homemade dishes. So, if you wish to open a pasta factory, it can be the perfect moment. Of course, the product must be good, with a reasonable price. However, margins are high, as the cost of ingredients generally does not exceed 30-35% of the sale price of the products. But to start this type of activity you have to be prepared. Not just the training offered by those selling the machines. Fillings and sauces also require creativity. You should offer a wide range of different fillings, adding every year someone new.
Regarding the location, it’s fundamental. Experts suggest to avoid the proximity to supermarkets and delis, but choosing an area with many offices, a historic center or a tourist pass. The strength of the laboratory is generally fast-food. Keep in mind: without a fast-food you will not survive. It can generate up to 85-90% of sales. To begin you need only few tables and some shelves.
The investments are considerable, about $ 100,000. You need a work table, a kneader press, mill-cutter, an automatic ravioli making machine, a cappelletti and agnolotti shaping machine, a gnocchi maker, a cutting set to apply to the press for short pasta, a fridge, a 4 frame pre-packaging machine, a meat grinder with a combined grater, a sink and a cooking stove with four burners complete with an extractor fan. But you have to add at least another $ 50,000 to set up the local.


Description Cost
Machines and equipment 100.000 $
Furniture 50.000 $
Total 150.000 $


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