How to move to Miami


Miami is not only white beaches, a turquoise sea and a beautiful climate. Due to the policies implemented in recent years, the city is living a golden age: the population is steadily increasing, the infrastructures are developing and the economy is in perfect health. The leading sector is tourism, but also the information technology and transportations are growing. What is the secret of this success? One of the most important is the bureaucracy, which is essential. To open an activity you can do almost anything from the Web. According to the kind of society, you just need the help of a lawyer, with a cost that is around 1,000 Euros. If you need to hire someone, here a simple letter is sufficient (as to fire) and the cost of living is lower than other area of USA. Miami is cheaper than New York (also 60%), Washington and San Francisco. Not only. The taxes are incredible low, due to some privileges of Florida.
What you have to do to move here? To enter and stay in the US for a period less than three months is required to have a passport. Those with digital photos issued before October 2006, those readable, released from October 2005, and the electronic ones do not require the application for the Visa, unlike the others. But you have to require Esta (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), in advance. For period longer than 90 days designed to work or study, the United States provide a fixed number of entries each year depending on the reason of the request. Who wants to look for work on site and has no relatives there, has two roads: taking the Green Card dedicated to highly qualified people, as specialists and professionals, or participating in the state lottery which annually allocates 50 thousand seats. Simply it requires not suffer from mental disorders and have no criminal record.
Finally, for those who need a Visa to start a business in Miami, is requested to present a business plan. Visas in this category are about 10 thousand annually.

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