How to become a wedding planner

wedding planner

Wedding planners are confidents, psychologists and mediators able to plan events and wedding. If you love to help people, care about your clients and are a good listener, you may love this career, but there are some things to consider before starting... Read More »

How to start a dog breeding business

allevamento di cani

If you love a particular dog breed and have enough patience, this business is what you are looking for. A dog breeding business requires a significant investment of effort and time but it can be rewarding... Read More »

How to start a street food business


According to Los Angeles-based industry-research firms, the street-food business is a $1 billion industry that has seen an 8.4 percent growth rate from 2007 to 2012. The demand of street-food is increasing, because people are seeking inexpensive breakfasts and lunches... Read More »

How to Start a Microbrewery


If you have genuine passion and enthusiasm, the art of brewing beer could be an interesting opportunity. This is not a simple work. You’ll need to be patient. Beer requires an absurd amount of sanitary vessels to make and the fermentation and packaging process leaves a trail of very dirty vessels, tools, and instruments... Read More »

How to build a succesfull consumer App


A successful App can be a good instrument to achieve new customers, because it let you to reach people on tablets and smartphone. However it’s not so simple to build a working app. If you want to ensure the highest number of downloads possible, it’s important that your app has these features... Read More »

How to become a drone pilot


The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration predicts that 10.000 commercial drones will be operating in the U.S. within five years. Drones will be applied in many sectors and there will be many opportunities... Read More »

How to name a business


When you choose the name, you decide the destiny of your company. The wrong name can lead to failure. The right name can make your company a big company. So it’s an important decision... Read More »

How you can profit from 3d printing

stampante 3d

3d printer is a new opportunity. Layer by layer, using this instrument, you can create new shapes, an almost infinite amount of shapes, without the constraints of traditional manufacturing. The possibilities seem endless, and also overwhelming... Read More »

How to open a yoga studio


The number of yoga practitioners in the United States is reaching the neighborhood of 15 million. Why? Yoga is an ancient Hindu philosophical practice that combines body movement and fixed postures with meditation, spiritual, and holistic exercises... Read More »

How to open a coworking space


A co-work space is a shared work environment which brings together entrepreneurs and business professionals from many different businesses, industries and areas of expertise. It’s the right place for independent contractors who are interested in finding creative and contemporary places to work... Read More »

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